"Since I was a child, I was fascinated by Pop-up books…The excitement before turning a page, a simple pull that uncovers a whole new world. I loved how the story came to life, how the books created a fantasy world that flew off the page. The magic, the excitement, the naiveté..." 

Chen Bikovski is a Tel Aviv-based designer exploring the relation of light and space. Named 'Promising Young Designer of 2012,' Chen's work is presented in prominent galleries and featured in leading design publications. 

"The idea behind Popup Lighting was to create a permanent light fixture that would bring a magical ambiance to any space. A multi-dimensional light that would inspire the senses and ignite the imagination." 

Popup Lighting brings back the excitement, surprise and innocence of pop-up books to our everyday lives through art and design.



Popup lighting is a light fixture inspired by popup books. The idea was to turn every day icons into artistic and elegant lamps.

The clean shape of the lamp is amplified by the light's reflection on the wall, creating a 'wow effect' and making the ambiance in the room magical… Bringing back that excitement and naivety we felt when we opened our first popup book. 


Popup lighting was made to bring a unique ambience to any space. The game of light and space turns the lamp into a work of art, painting itself all over again every time it's lit.

With a simple flip of the switch, beams of light turn into brush strokes turning the lamp into a work of art that dramatically changes the atmosphere, setting the mood and sparking the imagination.


When I was a child I loved popup books, they had the ability to take me into a world of fantasy and magic that always inspired my dreams. Each time I flipped a page I was sent down the rabbit hole, and just like Alice in Wonderland, I discovered a new fantasy world hidden in the ordinary looking book – the surprise making the magic all the more real.

Growing up, those feelings of magic and fantasy were getting harder and harder to find. That's why I created Popup Lighting. I always felt that there was something magical about light, so, with my passion for art and design I created a light fixture that would bring those nostalgic feelings of magic, excitement and innocence back into our everyday lives and by doing so, allow us to share them with our friends and loved ones.



Inspired by our successful first Kickstarter campaign 5 years ago, we are back with a brand-new innovative line of lighting fixtures. Following two years of working tirelessly, researching, developing, and testing, we are finally ready to proudly present PersonaLight! The first and only 'personalize-your-own' line of lamps in the world.

PersonaLight™ is your own personalized customizable light fixture. Customize and project any text you wish on your wall, your loved one’s name, your baby’s name, business name, social media nickname or family name creating a magical experience of light and memories. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Developing this personalized customizable line of fixtures, we wanted every fixture to be a truly unique and integral part of your family and of your home. To achieve that, we’ve also created an engaging interactive experience to allow our customers, you, to be a part of the design and a part of the process of creating those magical moment when light meets art.




On the online interactive page you will be following these three simple steps below:

Choose the design - choose your favorite design- 'Balloon', 'He' , 'She'  or 'Abstract'.

Choose color, font and phrase - choose the elements that create the unique narrative of your lamp: the product’s color, your favorite font, and, most importantly, your personalized text (up to 9 characters) that will be projected as the lamp is turned on.

Finalize your choice - watch the illustration of how your final product will look and, if desired, tweak those little details to make it just perfect and add your creation to your cart.

Upon choosing the final lamp, we will transform your masterpiece into a beautiful and one-of-a-kind PersonaLight lamp. Keeping your personal touch, we will finish it to perfection and elegantly pack it before shipping it to you.




For the past two years we have been working hard to bring PersonaLight to life.

We have developed a one-of-its-kind software that allows a quick yet highly accurate production allowing us to get your creations to you in no time.

Building on our vast experience gained since we’ve founded Popup Lighting 5 years ago, we assure an optimal user experience, simple and intuitive, while maintaining our stringent production guidelines. To assure production accuracy and effectivity, we’ve further improved our production methodologies, further streamlining production, to assure your satisfaction with your one-of-a-kind creation.